What do you eat after training

I usually go to the evening class and have a hard time deciding what to eat after class. It is usually kind of late when I get home but I still feel like eating something.


Smoothies, Gracie diet tips, any info would be helpful.


Pizza and beer

sometimes its rice and chicken and other times its chicken and rice


It has made a great deal of difference in my recovery that I eat IMMEDIATELY after class.

Usually an apple and/or a banana, sometimes even before warming down.

Some guys drink a protein/carbohydrate drink after training as well, might incorporate that.

Then when you get home, eat whatever you feel like, so long as it isn't junk.
I believe that after training is the right time to eat what you feel like, including carbs and some lean protein.

This weekend my schedule was rough.
Fri- work 11pm to 6 am, sleep 4 1/2 hours
Sat- drive to seminar, 4 hrs of training, drive back, straight to work from 11pm to 6 am again.
Surprisingly I woke feeling fresh after just 7 hours of sleep this morning. I feel it has a lot to do with having eaten about 4 apples and 2 bananas right after the seminar.

if you don't feel like lugging food w/ you for directly after (for those that have to drive home and don't live at dojo) bring some chocolate milk. it has everything you need for just after workout and will hold you over until you get some good protein in you.


I think you should take less linguica in your post-workout diet. P90X!!!!!!

Whey Protein powder and Maltodextrin mixed with some water. Nothing better

Protein shake for the ride home. It holds me over so I can get home, shower, then cook a meal.

well...they do have a burger king in our parking lot of the gym... but i wouldn't suggest it...but it is yummy

Non fat cottage cheese and bananas. Cheap and effective.

But fried chicken can be very appealing.

Chocolate milk

waxy maize before class

endurox on ride home

lean protein and veggies since its usually late

two scoops of muscle milk.


chocolate milkshake and whatever my wife has cooked whilst i am training.

ChokeTheFace - Chocolate milk

Fuzzy Badfeet -  anus

i'm at work and i had to cough to cover my laughing...

most of these are good recommendations. I've read somewhere that a good post work out meal has a good balance of protein and carbs...so as suggested above, chocolate milk is a good example of what you want. or pb+jelly sandwich..etc.

A Matt Hughes cuntry breakfast