What do you guys get at Jersey Mike's

Never been but there is one next to my new job. Is it all about the cheesesteaks or what’s the deal?

#9 Mike’s way


boom smile GIF


#7 medium, mikes way no onions no tomatoes, extra meat

fucking delicious

i get the Original Italian or one of their cheesesteaks

both are very good
JM is the best chain sandwich shop ive ever been to in my life

Sounds more like your way than Mike’s way.

Only been twice. Asked for the signature sammich Mike’s way. Was impressed. Just not one close to me.

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Mike’s way
Add relish and peppers


Big Kahuna Cheesesteak - Extra mushrooms and jalapeños.

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Italian or Roast Beef. Mikes way without lettuce and tomato. Make sure to add the chili pepper relish!

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pisses me off they dont have different cheese, and i forgot which, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, but thats standard shit.

Usually get a sandwich.

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#8 or you’re a faggot

Giant #13 add jalapeños

Thanks, guys. I went with #9 Mike’s way. It was excellent. Will definitely go back and try some of the others.

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Glad to see you went with my recommendation.

I go to Publix deli ONLY. It’s Boar’s Head or go fornicate with your relative.

I usually get an Italian sub. Sometimes I’ll get a ham and swiss or a cuban sandwich.

I’m a big fan of Pub Subs. Just mixing things up.

I’m too cheap to pay those prices. Although now I might have to rethink that since everything is going up in cost.

Original Italian. Onion lettuce tomato pickle. Salt pepper. Italian dressing from home.

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