What do you guys get at Jersey Mike's

absolute shit food. at least the one I went to.

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The tuna is decent

Is it real tuna or is it the same shit subway sells?

Turkey or Philly with a giant cookie and jalapeno chips

Get the roast beef, Mike’s way. They prepare & cook their own beef on-site, everything is else is just regular cold cuts.

You’ll need to get the Giant size, the others are too small for an OGer. The sandwich sizes are smaller than they used to be a few years ago. The Giant used to be enough to gorge yourself, and still have 1/4 left over. Now you have to eat the whole thing to fill up. And it’s still around $13, fuck those bastards.

First post nails it

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Usually the turkey or RB w/ provolone Mike’s Way. Forget the numbers of those sandwiches.

Gonna grab some JM for late breakfast/early lunch

Prob the orig italian

What are you guys getting from your local JM today?

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#7 no cheese add cherry pepper relish.

Just picked up orig italian and cheesesteak

I don’t. I go to Publix like the highly educated upper middle class man I am.

Chicken tenders, jalapeños, mayo on white.

Wtf people posting the #7 or #9 like we got the menu in front of us.

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Pro Tip: Ask them to put your meat on the griddle no matter what sandwich you get!!

#2 shore favorite on the griddle, mike’s way + mayo.

You the man cami

It is like someone posted:

“Tell me you eat a high sodium diet and have high blood pressure without telling me you eat a high sodium diet and have high blood pressure.”