what do you miss most because of the Corona?

For me it's all you can eat Japanese food. I would usually go like twice a week and eat unlimited sashimi, beef short ribs, teriyakis, motoyaki, tempura etc etc etc.  while bullshiting with my buddies. 

Second would be playing outdoor 5x5 basketball at the park, especially because its sunny. 



I just miss regular life.

Now it is just fear, I smell and see fear everywhere. Everyone is terrified of getting too close or even making eye contact.


Hugging my Mom.


Seeing family and friends. Everything else has been great, honestly. Working from home, working out more, eating healthy, time with my wife and dog, playing video games, no traffic, tons of house projects getting done. 

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Was supposed to arrive in Costa Rica today so I’d say traveling

Going out to eat at a restaurant with friends. Used to do this every weekend. Been 5 weeks and counting now. Fucking sucks.

My abs. 

Captain Canuck -

Hugging my Mom.

This. And her cooking. We are already planning our first dinner together. 

Travel. Sailing. Going out and drinking with friends.

Hanging out with family and friends.

Having a job.


Gym, friends and sports. 

Sports and going to the movies. 

The nba playoffs were gonna be super interesting this year and I was looking forward to a quiet place 2.

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the gym


the gym, the pub

Vrill -

Having a job.


I'm liking everything. Staying home with the family, working around the house, when you do have to go somewhere its quiet and nobody is in your personal space, no chit-chat about Bull shit...

Big fan of social distancing. I can understand it would suck if you lived in an apartment or your hobbies are in social atmospheres. I'm sure I'll miss more shit come summer. But the weather is still shit here.

What I'm saying is this doesn't bother me much.

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Daughter, family, friends, sports, socializing in person, going out to places.