what do you miss most because of the Corona?

The gym and Jiu jitsu, but not for Jiu Jitsu's sake.

For a lot of us it was our family time, and that was our social circle. The best part of my day is sitting g around shooting the shit and having some laughs after training. On Fridays someone would usually bring a case of beer, or sometimes we'd go out for a drink after training. 

That's the shit I miss.

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I don't mean this to sound as bad as it does. I love my wife. But I miss her leaving the house. 

Vrill, sorry about the job situation. People like you are the ones really suffering.

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The gym , having a job as well , it probably wouldn’t be as bad if I had the gym to kill some time and keep busy 

Coaching at the boxing gym. That was like a 2nd family time.

wazzu19 -

Gym, friends and sports. 

Lots of this. So far I've missed 2 Oakland A's games out of the 4 that I got tickets to before the season started. I don't workout at gyms but that's where I've gotta go to hit the heavybag. I really miss being able to take my son to go visit my Mom.

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thewellhungarian - 

I'm liking everything. Staying home with the family, working around the house, when you do have to go somewhere its quiet and nobody is in your personal space, no chit-chat about Bull shit...

Big fan of social distancing. I can understand it would suck if you lived in an apartment or your hobbies are in social atmospheres. I'm sure I'll miss more shit come summer. But the weather is still shit here.

What I'm saying is this doesn't bother me much.

So what you're saying is...Hungary is a pretty boring and depressing place ?

My son plays baseball and I coach. He’s a teenager and every year could be the last. My daughter is a senior and is missing out on everything. Should be at the Diamond every day and making final college visits and planning proms and graduation parties. All that shit is on hold. 


I miss going out to dinner and just general freedom too, but the kids missing out is the worst.

Going to the arcade and happily rubbing my grimy hands all over the controllers and buttons that some bum probably had up his ass before some snot nosed kid puked on them.

It might be a little awkward now that I’ve had to admit to myself that I’ve known all along that everyone and everything out there is filthy and disgusting and I simply didn’t care until I was told to by the TV man, and now that he says not to care anymore, I’m going to willfully forget it, but I think I’ll be OK.

My girl leaving the house

Having some alone time!

Going to the gym!! 

Jiu jitsu

Sports, gym and pubs. Plus side is I'm saving more money.

OGer’s sharing opinions & conspiracy theories that don’t do actual damage.

Jiu jitsu 

Watching my son play baseball, this was going to be his 12 year old season of little league and he trained all Winter with a personal trainer to see if he could break his league’s home run record.


My kids’ gymnastic season ending early. My son is a level 10 and a graduating senior trying to get a spot on a college team. Just got message from USA gym that his season’s scores make him considered a National Qualifier, not the same as actually going and being able to participate.

My youngest daughter is a level 9 and has bad been really coming on. At least she has 3 years of high school left.

BigRay - Watching my son play baseball, this was going to be his 12 year old season of little league and he trained all Winter with a personal trainer to see if he could break his league's home run record.

I have a lot of great memories playing little league baseball. That sucks bud. Sucks cause next year he’ll be too old for little league. He’s gonna miss out on playing on the 12 year allstar team. I played on mine when I was 11 and 12. Summer memories playing baseball with the boys, classic. A few guys I’m still buddies with as well.

Jiu jitsu and golf. Golf!

Hofbrauhaus. I have an unhealthy obsession with that place.

AYCE Korean BBQ and nights of talking shit with my boys, half loaded off soju and Kirin.