what do you miss most because of the Corona?

Might sound horrible but i dont miss shit. The traffic has been tolerable. The lines at the grocery store are short, and ppl stay the fuck out of my personal space. Also the admin jerkoffs at my plant are staying home. I dont wish death on anyone but im actually enjoying this 

Youcancallmezig -

Hofbrauhaus. I have an unhealthy obsession with that place.

 Vegas or Munich?

Working and the gym.

My wife is a blue belt and our basement is matted out, walls and floor, so I still get my rolls in but this sucks.

I also miss Goodwill.  I don’t mind spending money but if I don’t have to, why would I?


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My parents

Not going to Oilers games 

Not being able to watch the Dallas Mavericks



A day off from work.

Dinner with friends mostly

Not much. Working way more than normal, so time flies by. I would say the beach, but I get cold very easy and only go in the summer.

I still go to the dog park, the normal park to play basketball and drink a few beers with my buddies and go running. Have access to a secret gym to lift a few days a week as well.

The only things I really miss are visiting my parents and I don’t get to TRANE…

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thewellhungarian - 

I'm liking everything. Staying home with the family, working around the house, when you do have to go somewhere its quiet and nobody is in your personal space, no chit-chat about Bull shit...

Big fan of social distancing. I can understand it would suck if you lived in an apartment or your hobbies are in social atmospheres. I'm sure I'll miss more shit come summer. But the weather is still shit here.

What I'm saying is this doesn't bother me much.

So what you're saying is...Hungary is a pretty boring and depressing place ?

Live in Canada. I've built a pub/poolroom in in my house, did the brick and mortar, flooring, built a bar top wired it  with l.e.d's, built a liquor cabinet and wired it, built a dartboard setup, waxed vehicles, built my reloading stations,and when the snow is gone here in a few weeks I'll have a bunch of outside hobbies to work on.

Boring to some, but a beer and polishing the vehicles is nice and relaxing to me.

Being social. Cant go to the bar or out to eat. I miss that shit the most. Sports is another one. 

UFC 249

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Youcancallmezig -

Hofbrauhaus. I have an unhealthy obsession with that place.

 Vegas or Munich?

Pittsburgh. But I do enjoy the Vegas location when I'm out there. One day I hope to make it over to Germany.

Nothing. I am fortunate enough to continue to work and my family is healthy and safe. I feel for the families that have been affected by this... 

Spending time with my daughter and mother together. They really miss each other. Me and my daughter would take my mother to lunch at least twice a week and now we haven’t seen her in over a month.

 I also miss going out with friends. I miss just grabbing a beer or two and enjoying some appetizers and watching a sports game.

I also miss dating. 

My sports and hobbies mostly. And not having to wait in line to get into the grocery store. I do enjoy working from home though.

My 9 year old daughter moved to NC last year. I fly her out once a month but the last time was February. I miss that kid so much.

Stupidnewbie -

Seeing family and friends. Everything else has been great, honestly. Working from home, working out more, eating healthy, time with my wife and dog, playing video games, no traffic, tons of house projects getting done. 


Sports and Russian prostitutes 

BJJ and going out with my wife. Will be nice to just sit in a restaurant. I also like going out by myself at night. Stupid fucking curfew here. 

Gym, sports, working full-time