What do you need for P90X?

I'm thinking about trying out this latest fad. What gear do you need to complete most of the routines?

Pullup bar, dumbbells, and resistance bands

thank you

a P90x package would prolly be a start :)

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GotchGracie is correct.

Depending upon your weight, you may be able to make it work with only a pair of 25 Lb or 35 Lb dumbbells and a pull-up bar. More is always better (some of the exercises target smaller muscles & as such heavier weight isn't desireable; some target larger muscle groups - dumbbell squats & such - and 35 Lb dumbbells ain't gonna be near enough :)

Great program overall if you're looking to lean-out and increase your overall muscular endurance & cardio. You won't get "Hoooge" but if you follow the plan and clean-up your diet (following their diet plan is fine, or just eat clean and determine if you need to modify your overall caloric intake) you'll definitely make progress.

Be warned - the workouts are pretty long (right about an hour on average, plus an addtl. 15 mins 3x a week for an ab-specific workout).

I'm presently on day 80 & am very happy with my results.


- Savage

Thank you Savage!

Anytime, man. PM me if you have any specific questions about the workout program. I've also got an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to track your training that has proved to be very helpful (it's freely available on-line but I'd be happy to send you a copy if you like).



Can you post a link to that or send me an email with it?

FultonBJJ @ gmail dot com


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Thanks bro!

I just did the P90X Chest, Shoulders and Tris workout using the Perfect Push-up (FYI - they're being clearanced at WalGreens for $9.99)

Interesting. It did cut into my max reps (I can usually get 20+ for traditional, wide and tight grip push-ups throughout; with the PP I struggled to get into the mid-teens). I felt more strain being distributed across my shoulders & lats (in a good way, not in a 'I think I just pulled something way).

Ironically, my right wrist was not comfortable with the rotation movement - something the PP is supposed to be designed to eliminate (wrist strain). I'll give it another couple of tries before forming a solid opinion. For now, I feel I got a better overall chest workout than without it, but the wrist-strain had better improve else they're headed for GoodWill and / or Craig's List.


- Savage

I have the program. got it for $50 off amazon.

I primarily use the plyometrics dvd, and the core stuff. It can be challenging if you use heavy enough weight and really push yourself.

i use it when traffic is bad and I can't get to a gym, or i am busy and have to manage my time wisely. It is worth a look, and well worth $50

I've done it twice, it works awesome

I use it now and then...havent been able to stick with it 100% cause I like to do other stuff beside p90

The plyo workout is pretty tough.

I did the 'Interval X' workout tonight form the P90X+ series and kinda liked it too for 'off night' training. Think of it as plyo-lite. It's only 40 minutes long but man, constant activity.

I'm going to do another 90 days & then back to my old stand-by 5x5 going into Autumn / Winter.

I have read that P90X is geared for people who are already in decent shape. If you are sedentary or more than 15 lbs overweight, this might not be for you - you might want the regular Power 90, first. Is this true?

I, myself, am looking for a general fitness program, and I don't know if I should start with a "beginner" program, first. Suggestions?

FYI, Even P90X recommends you pass their fitness test before you begin:


I think you can modify the P90X workouts to meet your current level of fitness by doing things like halving the reps / using a chair for assistance when doing pull-ups or taking additional / extended breaks during the workouts.

That said, if you're severely deconditioned, you will likely struggle and the duration of the workouts (50+ minutes) might be too much for you.

I've not seen the 'Power 90' workouts so I can't speak to them.

My suggestion would be to give the P90X routines a try if you're not severely deconditioned and to just modify it to work for you & build on your progress each week. If you are too far out of shape to even attempt such a program, perhaps try to build-up your general level of fitness by incorporating some low-impact activity (walking, swimming) and then work towards something a bit more challenging as you make progress.


- Savage