What do you pay for cell phone service?

I'm curious if I'm in the average, or getting ripped off, or possibly getting a good deal:

I'm w/Sprint (under contract). My family (3 people) has the shared data plan. We get 20 GB to share (we use 98% of it, but we never go over).

We get unlimited text/talk. None of us use much "talk", but we all use a lot of text.

I have an Android (LG G5), wife and son both have iPhones (6, 6 Plus).

My bill is exactly $252/month. This includes all local/state taxes, misc. b.s. fees, etc.

My contract is about up so I'm very curious what others pay..? Phone Post 3.0

Business plan
4 lines
Unlimited data, talk and text
4g LTE not sure the limit but haven't hit it yet.
Tethering and Wi-Fi share not sure the limit.
150/month Phone Post 3.0

On T-Mobile I pay $30 for 100 minutes (.10c/min additional) with unlimited text and 5 gb of data.

2 smart phones with insurance and 12 gigs. 2 simple phones for the inlaws.

About 360 with Verizon Phone Post 3.0

I think it's like $65 a month. Unlimited talk, 200 txt messages, and unlimited data.

I also messed around with Project Fi (Google cell phone service). That was $20 a month for unlimited talk and text, and $10 per gig of data Phone Post 3.0

Straight talk


Unlimited talk, text, data.


62 bucks

2 lines, more than enough data - $60 a month. Metro. Phone Post 3.0

Been on Ting for three years which in essence is Sprint. Was with Sprint for ten years prior and was paying $192 for three lines unlimited. Our bill has ranged from $40-$72 each month. Money you save will buy you the new iphone or samsung in six months if you gotta have the new thing. Imo if you're with Sprint you should jump to Ting. Literally the same service. Phone Post 3.0

Verizon Galaxy Note 4, no contract, unlimited data, 450 min, unlimited texts ($20) = $110 monthly Phone Post 3.0

iPhone 5S - I pay just over $100CAD a month and I get Canada wide text/calling and 2GB of data per month. Not the greatest

We get raped in Canada by phone companies. I was paying over $100 a month for 3 gb data, unlimited text and local calls.

Dont even think you can get unlimited data on a plan in Canada.

I got so fucking sick of seeing people glued to their phone all the time that i cancelled my plan and bought a cheap Costco phone. I now pay about $25/month for 150 minutes talking and unlimited text, no data.

It scares me how phones have become such a huge part of life. Too close to the age of singularity for me. Phone Post 3.0

fanat - 2 smart phones with insurance and 12 gigs. 2 simple phones for the inlaws.

About 360 with Verizon Phone Post 3.0
How much is insurance on the phones? Verizon website has 12gb for $80, and $20 for each connected phone. So four phones should be $160 a month plus taxes and insurance Phone Post 3.0

120 for 4 lines everything unlimited Phone Post 3.0

On att Phone Post 3.0

Stea1th - 120 for 4 lines everything unlimited Phone Post 3.0
I'll take this plan. Phone Post 3.0

2 lines
16GB/mo of data
Unlimited talk and text
~$250/mo Phone Post 3.0

mines $10 a month, its not a smartphone, so no data plan

2 smart phones
Share 10 gigs of data
90 a month
Straight talk
Awesome service everywhere I go and data is very fast Phone Post 3.0

Unlimited talk, text, data for $43 a month plus tax. Unlimited in Canada and Mexico too. I carry a Samsung Note 5 bought outright. Phone Post 3.0

2 lines
2 iPhone 5Cs
1100 shared minutes w/ rollover, free Nt n wknd, mobile to mobile
200 texts per line per month
Unlimited data
$144/ month Phone Post 3.0