What do you pay for childcare?

I used to pay between 500 and 600 bucks for day care, pre school etc. I heard other guys in bug cities are paying mega bucks.

Here the cost is more reasonable but the perks! My brother paid a sitter 600 I think but tshe had 2 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick, every holiday off. Thats a lot of time off!

going rate in my area for a nanny is $15-25/hr cash.  The average work day for a nanny is about 10 hours after you account for your own 9 hour shift and travel to and from work.  At $20/hr it works out to around $4,000/mo in cold hard cash.

I lowballed the hell out of my nanny when I first hired her and shes been with us for almost 4 years now.  I pay her a flat $600/week rain or shine.  She gets 1 week of paid vacation, all federal holidays off, and the week between Christmas and New Years off.  She also doesnt have to work if my family is away on vacation (since the kids are with me).  All told she probably gets around 20-25 paid days off a year, if not more.  Even after accounting for all that paid time off, her hourly rate is still way below $15-25/hr.  This is just for my 2 yr old.

My 4 yr old is in pre-school 3 days a week.  The other 2 days she is at home with the nanny.  I got a smoking good deal on pre-school because one of the administrators is a friend.  Normal price for 3 days a week is around $1,250/mo.  I pay around $900/mo.

If I didnt have kids, I could probably afford to drive a Porsche 911 Turbo or build up my investment portfolio.  Instead, I get to drive my 15+ year old Toyota 4Runner that I've had since college.  I need that car to last until my 4 year old turns 16 so I can give it to her.

bout tree fiddy

Just a hair under $32k last year for two kids.

$130 a week for my 3 y/o daughter.

50 year old Portuguese lady who watched a couple of my wifes cousins over the years and my son before he started JK.

She has about 5 kids total she watches at her house and we pay her the $130 in cash. 

No shes not govt registered but her track record speaks for itself over the years plus her own 3 kids.

Catholic, does activities with the kids and will even cook for them if they want more food than what they brought.

I would have no issue paying her double than what we do.

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My wife charges for non military is $125 a week, same for her private pre K classes.

135/week X 2 for me for preschools



We had a nanny for my daughter from 6 weeks to just after she turned 5. $18/hr plus the taxes we had to pay and the company that cut her check, so about $40k a year.

$800 a month.

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$756 a month. Attends 3 days a week.

For a 4 y/o and an infant at our local YMCA (which has an outstanding program and is harder than hell to get into) for 2 days a week for each kid will run me $730 a month. Its astronomical.


I wont have to pay that much until my son (he's only 13 days old) starts going in July. But got damn. Forget about getting a new car.

$145 for 3 days a week.


$785. Two kids. One will be 18 this year and I need to get that shit adjusted. 

At 17 you could probably just take him out of daycare.

I paid about $1,100 a month back when my daughter went to daycare preschool. I pay my sitter for the summer $260 a week for most of the time 7-8 hrs a days.  

Way to much...daycare runs me $3,200 a month 4 kids....it's ridonkulous. 

1300 month for par time. 


Starting in home in June that's $40/day which is an absolute steal

240 a week

 $45 for 2 days /wk. Would be $100 pr/wk. In home & licensed.

Yall big city people gettin dicked deep.