What do you prefer to watch?

I've been a UFC fan since the old days and since that type of fight appealed to me I still prefer that over what we have today.

I like an action packed fight that doesn't take 25 minutes to decide a winner.

I prefer to watch two guys come out slugging and then one of them falls into a heap of flesh or bleeds profusely.

If it has to go to the ground than i want to see some fast pace rolling to a submission soon enough.None of this laying in the guard waiting for the right opportunity.

Either try to finish teh fight or look for another job.I don't care so much about records as much as I do about excitement.I've seen some guys with lousy records put on amazing fights and guys with great records be boring as hell.

And to those that prefer a "technichal match"-most of the world finds technichal to be boring as hell.Rizzo/Ricco was technichal fight with a grappler trying to take down a kickboxer.that fight was so technichal that Zuffa wouldn't even show it on ppv.

Shooto for the last few years has been very technichal.If you look at teh results over the past couple of years 85% of the fights have all gone to a decision.This is why i have over 1600 fight tapes but the last Shooto tape I own was from 2000.

ADCC,c'mon.Even if you are from a grappling background you will still find this boring to watch.I do bjj twice a week and still find myself fast forwarding through my best of ADCC dvds.

We need more brawls in the sport.I've been a hardcore fan since around UFC4 and I am finding this sport boring,imagine what the people checking the sport out for the first time are thinking.

Look at teh last couple of UFC's-Lindland/Vitali,not what i would call an action packed fight however Hughes/Trigg was fast paced enough to keep the momentum going.

Lytle/Lawler even being a standup fight left a lot to be desired.One knockdown in the whole fight and even then noone tried to capitalise.

Randy/Tito-after the 3rd round we knew this was going to s decidion and we knew who was going to win.Although the spanking was kind of funny at the end we didn't need to sit through the next ten minutes to hear the decision.

We need to pick up the pace and get things going again.No more laying on a fighter trying to hold down a decision.What's it going to take to encourage someone to finish a fight?

1-5 minute round

I like grappling matches where the guys are not scared to take chances, like Matt Serra.

I'd prefer an unlimited amount of time.

an unlimitted amount of time makes for an ever more boring fight.Watch Fulton/Kohler-a no timelimit fight that went 52 minutes.It got boring after about the first 2 minutes