What do you suppose she was saying?

Crenshaw McDonald's? Say it isn't so. What kind of words do you suppose was coming out of her mouth to provoke a 3 punch combo? And lol @ her simply getting up and walking away after a 3 punch combo. Your punches need work pops!

probably something derogatory about black people.

fucking racialist.

I'm trying to determine if he's a psycho or if he's just old school and she was talking mad shit to an elder.

Maybe a tad of all three?

she was probably talking all kinds of shit.

about his mama.

about his kids.

about his decision to leave onions off of his quarter pounder.

men are always right.

the best part is how everyone just went on like nothing happened

great. now im fucking craving Mcdonalds.

I'm eating homemade chicken nuggets as we speak...

i want a deep fryer but id feel guilty everytime i have to dump the oil.

oh she said you are the father so wheres my money

chicken nuggest at 2am.


I pan fry my nuggets...no need for all the mess and they're leaner.

oh Jesus.

you dont what you just did.

you know she said something that he would beat his kids for. needed to stay consistent i say.

good on him.