What do you think about children fighting?

On one hand I think it’s good because the kids that fight and train now will excel in every area of MMA well before the fighters of today do and the other hand they allow strikes in fights between 6 year olds and I wonder if that some fighters will take too much damage to early and later in their career they might be more prone to knockouts what do you think?

 Striking without extensive padding for kids is ridiculous and should be illegal.  Just my opinion.

Training my kid since birth, he's been dying to compete @6 ima try to see if he get a jump start in his career in armenia now Phone Post

Absolutely fucking retarded and completely irresponsible for everyone involved. These kids have like a 30-50% development in their brains or whatever so far, something tells me getting your head beat at that age isn't a good thing. Phone Post

It's child abuse. Phone Post

Stu P Dasso - Body shots only <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

This I totally agree with, kids should be allowed to train and compete but there should be a certain age in which it goes from just body shots, to full contact fighting

I think it's great, because exposing undeveloped skulls/brains to blunt trauma is always a good thing Phone Post

I think it's Gunna happen in the School yard from time to time and always will, However in a cage ?!?!? Are u kidding me? Those kids have no idea of the life long Consequences that could come from an injury inflicted by them or on them in the cage or the streets...There brains aren't developed enough to fully understand what they are doing and when to stop! There parents should be worried about future Suspensions from school, Calls from cops and lawsuits! Phone Post

Stu P Dasso - Body shots only Phone Post

B/c their bodies aren't still fragile and developing also. Phone Post

 thread is saturated with ignorance.  There are sanctioned events where they do this already.  No striking to the head, and grappling is limited when taken to the ground.

look for the vids, there are quite a few displaying what is actually taking place.

Padded sparing is one thing, but fighting like that... NO WAY. Shouldn't even be a debate.

Full pads with no contact to the head or vital organs could be possible. They really should stick to sparring and grappling tournament's until 16 at the earliest. Phone Post

Wow... There is a big difference between being hit on the body and being hit on the head. Last time I checked your brain was not on your leg. Brain development is important....for most people anyway.

I actually prefer fighting childen, more often than not it leaves me a huge height, reach, and weight advantage.

And for future reference, the choke slam is incredibly effective when against children.

Stu P Dasso -
fryingarmbar -
Stu P Dasso - Body shots only Phone Post

B/c their bodies aren't still fragile and developing also. Phone Post

You know what you're right. Now that I think of if we shouldn't let them play soccer or basketball or ride bike etc Phone Post

It's got to be safer than peewee football. I see no possible way a 6 year old would have the power for a ko. I imagine most matches would go to the mat immediately and end in some submission. Phone Post

This is a tough subject. I see kids training in my gym all the time and I fucking love it, these kids are going to be beasts one day. ONE DAY. It's one thing to train and lightly spar to get the feeling of a moving person but actually fighting I just can't get behind at that age. Just watching that kid crank the guillotine and flip the other kid over just imagine how quickly that could go wrong Phone Post

Fine to train, not to fight that young. Phone Post

So let me get this straight...

"MMA is the safer then NFL, NBA, Hockey, etc.."
"Safest sport around" they said...

Kids can play all of the above and no one will raise a question on whether it's illegal or not right? As a matter of fact it's taught in regular gym classes throughout the states. When kids engage in MMA which is suppose to be safer then most sports Dana goes ape shit??

Why do I feel like Dana just trolled me.

 Oh so this isn't about the flyweights? My bad

I'm against it because I don't think theres a single kid out there that REALLY WANTS TO DO IT.

this issue is complex and should start w the parents. Phone Post