What do you think about this lift? Impressive?

It's called the "Van Dam Lift", after professional wrestler Rob Van Dam (real name Rob Szatkowski). Man's a beast and a great athlete.

In your qualified (or unqualified) opinions, what do you think of this lift from the standpoint of being an expression of total body strength/athleticism?

That's 166.5 lbs. being essentially rowed from a full, elevated split position.

I say very impressive.

Sorry, I'm a shitnamer now, so no embed code. Someone please post!



Also, while wrestling vitals are almost always exaggerated, I think it's safe to say that RVD walks around north of 200.

He probably weighs around 225 at least, I'd say.

That looks pretty freaking insane to me.

The split itself is impressive. That DB does not appear to be 166 lbs (maybe 66) but whatever it is its pretty crazy.





Impressive but how is it funtional or what good does it do?


what good does it do? you show off every bulge your body can muster and everyone in the gym has no choice but to gaze at your awesome.

great demo of strength and flexibility, I'd try it if i didn't want to be known as "the guy who tried the van dam and ended up splitting down the middle".

I am sure it's hard but so is juggling on a uni-cycle. Who cares?