What do you think about this?

This seems to have created a little buzz,what is your opinion?


I've heard PDP is a nice guy in person, but his behavior on the mat
doesn't impress me much at all. Here are a few things he's pulled:

-The face cranking incident was awful.

-There's the time he surfed on an opponent's back because he was
having trouble breaking that opponent's turtle.

-The time that, after Jeff Monson used a can opener to open PDP's
guard (legal) PDP just taps, and then JUMPS UP TO CELEBRATE, right
after tapping. What?

-When I saw the world masters in 2003, PDP was reffing a match and
talking on his cell at the same time. Not tremebdously respectful to the
guys on the mat who are supposed to be receiving your attention to
keep them safe and make sure the match goes smoothly.

On the whole, he just really comes across as a self centered jerk.


PDP lost a lot of fans at the 2004 Arnold Gracie Worlds. He even flipped off the crowd.