What do you think could make sport BJJ more exciting?

Just trying to toss ideas around that will make the sport more enjoyable. I feel like in the gi is just a bunch of dudes tied up in their pajamas staring at each other. And Nogi is literally a slip and slide mess.

For starters I’m thinking get rid of the no time limit/maybe anything over 10 minutes? People like to conserve too much energy and take their time which makes things boring in my opinion.

I also think something closer to unified rules makes more sense as well. Yesterday’s match between Nicky and Pena was close, and depending on the rules that I could see how some people would think Pena won. But under that criteria I gave it to Nicky. Either way its a lot to follow, explain, etc. No other major sports have a rule change card to card or match to match.

What else would you guys like to add?

No clothes


No way it ever goes mainstream


Gordon Ryan


Tummy too injured :pleading_face:

Not with these rulesets/athletes.


I’d watch it. No clothes means they’re naked.


It is what it is do a certain degree. They tried hard to make wrestling (actual wrestling, not ‘Rasslin) more interesting to the public a few times. It’s just not a viewer friendly sport. The rules are a little hard to understand to a casual fan and there’s no blood or big knockout generally. I do like some of the different rules sets and I really hope we never see a unified rule set like we have in most mma now. The combat jiu jitsu was interesting but at a certain point why not just make it mma? I personally enjoy watching grappling but I understand it’s boring to most people.


Peanlize guard pulling and have stalling penalties


Jui Jitsu is gayer than wrestling and wrestling will never be mainstream. This is coming from someone who did both.

Combat Jiu Jitsu might be kind of cool though like sambo


No takedown points.
People pull guard if they expect to lose eye wrestling, cause then top man can stall.
If they take away points for takedown there’s less a reason to pull guard

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See I think too many rules makes it even more confusing for casual fans. Look at last night for example. Depending on the rule set pretty much depends the winner… Under last nights rules I had Nick winning, but if it was another rule set I could see Pena winning. Which then creates an entire different debate.

As far as combat jiujitsu. I kind of like it, it’s not MMA because you don’t have to worry about striking standing.

Agreed. Just women. Start in 50/50

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Pondering Season 9 GIF by The Office

Score takedowns but not guard pulls. This is very standard.

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Takedowns are important

Exactly this. Also should be able to get points by pushing guys out of bounds like wrestling.


Look how judo became mostly about takedowns to make it exciting for olympics

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Casual fans will never watch anyway

Don’t let them grapple on the ground for too long. That shit is boring af.

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