What do YOU think...? Guy riding bitch.

Just driving down the street and saw a motorcycle with two people on it. I like to check out the chicks on the back of bikes cause they're usually good looking and I'm kinda pervy like that.

Anyways...as I get closer I start thinking "hmmmmm...that broad is pretty butchy..."

Then when I get there, imagine my surprise when it's DUDES! Both wearing the same riding jacket but different coloured helmets (same style though).

I'm not a motorcyclist...so I dunno what to think of this. I've been told by bikers I know that's called "riding bitch" and that men don't do that.

The passenger even had his hands on the drivers hips. Phone Post 3.0

yeah those chicks in their big leather with their big tinted helmets are usually great looking.

Maybe she had short hair, or they had just finished an enjoyable match of bumdarts.

Were they on a cruiser or sport bike? Could have been a breakdown or possibly out to steal a bike. Phone Post

BMW. So that's a cruiser...right? They were dressed for work. Like in an office. Dress pants and dressy shoes. Phone Post 3.0

not all womyn are the bitch in the relationship now Phone Post

It was two guys. No women involved.

I can check with my biker buds, but I'm pretty sure that if she's driving Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully a breakdown... Phone Post 3.0

Oops. I'm pretty sure of she's driving and he's on the back it worse. Phone Post 3.0

riding bitch just to ride...is a HUGE NO NO!


there are viable reasons to do it though...bike broke down, giving a cousin or friend that's never been on a bike a quick ride so they can get the sense of what it feels like, some sort of family emergency where the motorcycle is the only means of transportation, etc


The only thing gayer than two guys riding a motorcycle, is two guys riding a moped. Phone Post 3.0