What do you think is biggest problem with the OG?

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ABCTT_sakurabas ear -
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yeah, unsticky this.  LOL

Done.  I think it’s ran it’s course, I’ll let it drop to the bottom now. 

Forum was not found or has been deleted. Again.

Friday came early this week.

Edit: This thread is unbumpable. lol

Charles Barkley -



I was somehow signed out & now have ads making shit impossible. 

does the app drain anyone else’s phone battery at a ridiculously fast rate? 

Fix the refresh problem.  It makes an already shitty discussion worse.

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I want my SN changed to KIRIK CAMERON but NOOOOOOO!!


nah teh OG pretty much rocks.  

Tolls that openly admit to having multiple accounts which is a violation of the TOS, yet he's supported by Kirik. Very interesting if you ask me...

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OMG. this is awful!

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This garbage ass new forum

top men listened to me

I personally love the unclose-able banner ads on the bottom of the page that cover the buttons required to post a reply. THose are my favorite.


Looking like censorship may quickly become a problem.

Yo want a smack across your face with the tip the both of you pansies

Zeekman can fit the most dicks in his butt.

Endless scrolling keeps me from coming back.

Not enough of choose wisely where there’s one or two hot women. The rest you wouldn’t want to be caught in daylight women.