What do you think of Kevin Nash’s podcast so far

Couldn’t agree more and I agree w nash politically

Just don’t want that on my wrestling podcasts

I also sense Sean doesn’t even share same political views and Kev but just parrots him like a kiss up.


I remember Sean posted a lot of anti Trump stuff on twitter a few years ago.

Nash Claims he wore this shirt as a troll but who knows

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Xpac is a big liberal and he was going off on that Democrat governor Ralph northam for wearing blackface. So I posted the pic of xpac in blackface as mark Henry and he blocked me and deleted his tweet


Not surprised that junkie loser is a liberal hypocrite. I wish motherfuckers went back to keeping their beliefs to themselves. I don’t give a shit about redneck evanlegicals conservatives they same as I don’t give a shit about homo atheist liberals.


Not the words I would use but I agree

Pro wrestling podcasts are for when I want to turn my brain off and relax

Not talk about religion and politics


His is fantastic. Its very evident why he was as succcessful as he was. As much fame as he got he really is under rated. He was able to do any role and knock it out of the park. Consistently made chicken shit into chicken salad. Only fault was i think he was a bit too selfless.

Regal has been great especially for workers. Supet educational


Regal is the best podcast …… “Gentleman Villain”

I like Jericho but I pick and choose the episodes. I skip a lot of his music related shows. He does a great job making the guest comfortable and come out of their shell. Daniel Garcia’s recent episode made me a fan.


I think that maybe he should follow a format similar to Arn Anderson where there is one topic and an AMA show and the conversation doesn’t become too tangental.


I like Regal and Arn a lot. Prichard and Eric were good for a bit. I wanted to give Kurt and Flair a chance but they both bore me. K100 I like their clips because they are short and I like when Bill Bhati is a contributer.

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I never looked much into it but his liberal politics feels like something he was told would help his showbusiness career. It’s not like Nash has a team dedicated to his image so it would have been his agent giving him some throw away advice on how to make it and leaving him to figure it out on his own which resulted in cliche virtue signaling that left a lot thinking wtf.

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or he’s a liberal

not everything is a conspiracy

Don’t care for it so much.


K 100 talks politics but they trash both sides which I’m fine with

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Jericho has way too many ads.

Doesn’t your phone app have a “skip forward 30 seconds button?” Mine does. I use it accordingly.

I listen to podcasts while driving and I’m constantly dkipping forward on Jericho’s. Hes so greedy to have so many ad spots.

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One thing bout Jericho Duff McKagan has yet to miss a bad joke Friday


Nash’s latest episode is actually good. After all the political talk nonsense he talks about life on the road and some cool stories. This is what the podcast should be. Nash is at his best when he’s telling stories.

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Maybe he read this thread and listened to our feedback