What Do You Think Of UFC 48?

Hi my UG brethren,

We are trying something a little bit new for the UFC 48 preview in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

We'd really like to hear from the fans on this one..which fights they are looking forward to or not, which fighters are on the rise and so on.

UFC 48: Payback

•Frank Mir vs.Tim Sylvia for UFC Heavyweight Championship
•Ken Shamrock vs. Kimo
•Phil Baroni vs. Evan Tanner
•Frank Trigg vs. Dennis Hallman
•Matt Hughes vs. Charuto Verissimo
•Georges St. Pierre vs. Jason Miller
•Matt Serra vs. Ivan Menjivar
•Lee Murray vs. TBA

Before you post on this thread, go to fcfighter.com and check out the guidelines and how to send in your quotes (it's easy). I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Loretta Hunt

thanks for the support Frankie.

ttt's are welcome

ttt for the first women of MMA.

Loretta, you got mail. Thanks for the email by the way.

Peter P

You know, people said UFC 47 was going to be a sleeper and it turned out pretty good. Just a thought...

TTT. Sweet!

To be honest, it doesn't really seem that special. For some reason having Ken Shamrock vs. Kimo as the main event isn't really appealing. I hope it turns out to be a good show, but we will have to wait and see.

• Phil Baroni vs. Evan Tanner

• Frank Trigg vs. Dennis Hallman

• Matt Hughes vs. Charuto Verrissimo

these 3 fights will make the night. yasee, these ones actually make sense. mir/sylvia is stupid because mir doesn't deserve a title shot and will just get beaten down horrificaly. it will not be competitive. kimo/shamrock is an insult of a main event. absolutely pointless and the promos for it are an insult to the fans intelligence. i hate all the prefabricated hype. book fights with real hype! the first 3 fights i mentioned all have real hype... the controversial stoppage, the phantom nut shot, and the teammate of the champ vs the former champ. these are all great! also i am digging the up and comers in st pierre vs miller and murray vs whoever. i think all those guys deserve their shot and can't wait to see them fight.

Yes he will and Ill enjoy watching it

I will let you know in the media center Loretta!

hey loretta... you spelled Charuto's last name wrong... just an fyi...
it's Verissimo
only one "r"... :)

In order of which I like to see the most:

1. Hughes vs Verissimo

2. Trigg vs Hallman

3. Mir vs Sylvia

4. Murray vs TBA

5. Baroni vs Tanner

6. St. George vs Miller

7. Serra vs Menjivar

8. Shamrock vs Kimo

I don`t see one fight on that card I`m interested in and would pay thirty dollars to see. Looks like a tape for me if it turns out worth a shit which I`ll be surprised if it does with no decent matches listed and bunch of lightweight fighters to fill in.

tell us how you really feel...

should be fun.....and yes you can quote me on that loretta! :)

NO doubt the fight Im most looking foward to is Baroni-Tanner.I expect fireworks and someone to get knocked out NOt positive who though .To me the main event should be on the undercard or even prelims but the undercard is very solid .Watch out for the Serra-Menevar fight it could be the sleeper.

I will pay for the card after the event if I read that Baroni and or Sylvia
got beat.

Hughes vs Verissimo-Hughes I hope ?
Shamrock vs Kimo-Shamrock-ankle lock
Murray vs TBA-TBA by sub
Trigg vs Hallman-Trigg TKO
Baroni vs Tanner-Tanner-GNP
St. George vs Miller-St. George-TKO
Serra vs Menjivar-Serra
Mir vs Sylvia-Mir by integrity


Your right, sad but true-sylvia by Ko


What are some of you guys smoking? This card is awesome.