What Do You Think Of UFC 48?

I like the card. I think overall it is a strong card, some people will love the Mian event some won't care-I am hoping that it will be a brawl-but there are some other fights that I want to see anyway.

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Bless you all for your comments. Keep them coming.

If you go over to fcfighter.com, I have a notice up with the particular quotes we are looking for ie: Which fights are you most or least looking forward to and why, and how these match-ups affect their respective weight classes. We're asking all the quotes be sent to Loretta@fcfighter.com

Another question: Are there any fights or fighters you don't believe deserve to be on this card? Why?

Once again, bless you all. You will make this preview a really unique one for the paper.

Anyone who doesn't think this is a great card is an MMA moron.

Matt Hughes was the best at his weight until a couple months ago. Verissimo trains the guy who is the best at that weight, and just demolished Carlos Newton.

Tanner vs. Baroni has real heat and is going to be a war.

Hallman vs. Trigg has real heat and both guys are contenders at 170.

Sylvia is one of the world's top heavyweights. I personally think Mir is underrated and does have a shot. Plus, the man is ALWAYS exciting. This is going to be a great fight.

Kimo-Shamrock is not a main event. But it will be entertaining to see and both guys are legends. It is certainly better than seeing the LA Giant.

Serra is always exciting. So is Murray.

Great card.

Not too impressive IMHO.

This card needs some more oomph.....

"PrinceAlbert, do you really think Tanner will win too?"

I do think Tanner has a great shot he knows what he needs to do. He needs to get Baroni to the canvas, if it stays standing Baroni will put him to sleep this time.

I like the card I'll just be out of town that week.


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Kimo won't have enough gas to make it out of round one, unless he
gets a lucky shot and drops Ken.

Good card, I like the PAYBACK angle, with 3 good rematches. I'm not super-stoked about the main event but I think most MMA fans will end up being pretty interested about what happens between Ken & Kimo.

The best fight is Baroni v. Tanner the rematch that had to happen. all Baroni fights are exciting and the story makes this one great.

Charuto v. Hughes is classic BJJ vs. wrestling--I love it

Sylvia-Mir is the HW fight that had to happen, and very interesting style-wise

One complaint is too bad they couldn't put together another much-needed rematch: Bang-Sudo 2...

Prince Albert is the Opposite of Nostradamous-- You Picked exactly the wrong winner in every fight....JUNE 19thMayheM

Pretty good card but I really think that Kimo-Shamrock is a joke for a main event. I realize that they are popular fighters, but well past their prime. The fight has absolutely no title implications whatsoever, which seems to indicate that Zuffa is more interested in spectacle than champions (yes, i realize the bottom line is always the almighty dollar and PPV buys). How about Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney headlining UFC 49??

the main card shouldnt be the main card.


Will the "chosen ones" be notified BEFORE they get their picks put into FCF? If so, that will give me plenty of time to move away from Iowa after picking against Big Tim! ;) j/k!

Honestly, will the people that you choose know ahead of time?



ttt - just sent my comments

"Prince Albert is the Opposite of Nostradamous-- You Picked exactly
the wrong winner in every fight...."

We shall see, how do you see Kimo beating Ken? If you don't think that
Tanner can beat Baroni with elbows again see Crocop-Randelman fight.

nice card

Mayhem, it looks like you have a boogie in your nose.

Where the hell has Kimo been hiding? Does anyone know if he has a website?