What Does Going London Mean

Is this a submission move or a position or what?

explanation please, thanks


If Tito is mentioned at the same time then going london means getting kicked in the mouth...

It's a position with rubber guard.

It means going to the toilet without taking your trousers down.

Not a submission, but a good position from rubber guard that opens up a lot of options. Omoplata, gogoplata, triangles.

If you have full guard, and your opponents right hand is touching the mat. You overhook with your left arm, your own left arm goes behind your left knee and grabs your right hand (kinda like you are cradling yourself)

You gotta get to your side, and you also want to use your right forearm and get it under your opponents face/jaw and you can push away. When you have enough space you can use your right hand and grab your left lower shin/ankle to go to omoplata/gogoplata.