What does GSP do for conditioning

I think most of GSPs success is due to his conditioning. I wonder if anyone knows what he does for conditioning other than skill training?

Om his (old) instructional he has some pretty standard weight-training but he also talks a lot about sprinting. Can't remember the format but I think he did a lot of max-sprints


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I guess hardly anyone is doing LSD runs anymore. It's good to see that athletes such as him use bodyweight exercises as conditioning tools

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There used to be a few videos one dailymotion.com where he talked a lot about his conditioning and demonstrated a few exercises. Lemme see if I can muster the 20 seconds it will take to look. Yep they are there, but since I am not a "Pro Member" I can't send you a link. GO to dailymotion.com and put in george st. pierre, then find the two 13 minute vids with "MMA Instructional" in the title. The second one is more focused on exercises and conditioning I believe.

"When I was at his seminar he put us through two ridiculously hard pushup routines and talked a lot about sprinting and bodyweight exercises."

Can you describe the pushup routines??

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thanks for posting the vids ... lots of comedians on here lately

I am Canadian and I still didn't know