What does "hemolysed" mean?

....when referring to a blood test? For example, on a letter asking someone to go for further tests as the previous ones were hemolysed.

Thanks in advance.

I'm guessing thats a bad thing?

It means something messed up the sample...detergent in glassware/tubes can do this. If they were saying in your sample cells were hemolyzed and we think you have a bacterial infection of the blood...well, you'd probably already be dead. Since you have posted just go take another prick and hope there is nothing wrong on their end.

thanks man

^^^I agree but hemolysis in samples is normally caused by an outside influence (detergents, etc), common practice in labs but can sometimes occur when not wanted. If it were a patient specific thing and not sample specific, I was simply stating that he would be in a world of trouble. I thought it was obvious that he was asking because he had such a problem with a sample and was concerned.


so you took the prick and everything is fine?

bloods were ok, thanks