What does pride do to compete?

i think we can all agree that whether you think the ufc is the best, or pride
is the best, the ufc has gained ground on pride over the last year.

with that said, i dont think that an organization like pride is on its way
out. its too popular to just fizzle out. they still have so much quality
talent in their organization that they can put on shows with the
POTENTIAL to surpass any other card on any given night.

what should their next move be? regaining tv contract? trying to
compete in the u.s.?


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"If they want more success OUTSIDE of Japan they need to actually follow up their talking with action on becoming more legit sport than spectacle with a real contender system and champions who actual defend their titles against them."

you sir are correct....just look at wand, he hasn't faced a top mw in a long time.hes gonna defend his belt next month but once again he will not have to fight the top challengers at his wieght.

pride needs to leave the prowrestling bullshit in japan where there isn't much difference between the 2.somebody needs to tell these guys that mma fans around the world hate prowrestling

good point. on that note, do they have a chance to keep sanctioning
events in the u.s. with all of the steroid use?

the last time they came they lost a shitload of money...got guys busted for roids....gave dana an opportunity to make crocop an offer...and put on a terrible show that ended with a 45 year old fighter with his kids crying in the ring.