What does Rigan weigh??

I know that Rickson and Rigan competed in BJJ competition in Brazil. Rickson always looks super lean at around 180 to 185. I just saw a picture of Rigan on jkdunlimited.com. He looks like he weighs alot more than Rickson ever could. What is his weight, and what weight does he compete at??

Thanks--Tom Furman

You should ask HMCWolverine, he and Rigan are
practically best friends! When I saw Rigan at the
last HMC Seminar he looked about 220.

It was years ago when they competed and naturally, Rigan has gained weight. He's about 225 lbs at about 35 years of age. When he competed against Rickson, he was 17.

Invincible Armor is correct... Rigan and Rickson competed when Rigan was 17... Rigan still had some "growing" to do... Today he's probably considerably bigger than Rickson (although I'm not sure what Rickson's walking around weight is), and Rigan walks around at somewhere in the 220lb ballpark... Hope this answers any questions... :)

On the video I saw, they looked about the same size. Although the video was crappy.


although i've never asked rigan about this directly... i'd say you're probably right... like i said... rigan was a little skinnier back then so they were probably pretty evenly matched in weight...