What does this symbol mean?




Read the Da Vinci Code - the answer is within!

attjack is correct (from one tradition, anyway).

It's also the unification of the five elements (i.e., four (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) + spirit or psyche.

Seems to be lots of other things, too (look up in wikipedia for a quick overview)

LOL @ nowinfuspeed!!!

In the old Wiccan religion the five 'spikes' of the star were meant to represent the four elements (fire, water, earth, and air) with the top spike representing self (or spirit). Like in life all they are interconnected and joined together (surrounded by the circle).
Well, at leased that's what I read in a book. In the end, I couldn't care less ;-)
Good luck on you search though....

da vinci was a 6 pt. star

it's Mahamitrunjia's yantra to conquer death......

Seal of Solomon? by which King Solomon bound demons to his bidding.