what does ttt mean?

what does ttt mean?

we never say what ttt means. We use it in respect of those who died before us and for those yet to die.

Respect the TTT


timmy the tard

to the top, this keeps your post at the top of the page. sorry guys for not hurting him more. i remember when i didn't know what the fuck it was...

Sorry, have to do it...


What the hell!!!!! This place is going down the tubes, it is an unwritten rule that nobody tells him what it means until we hit 100 posts.

Come on guys lets pull it together here!

*puts unwritten rule in the shredder*

*sticks tongue out at ArmBarKing*

     *dances around room*

KKM?....is that you?

This Type of Thread shows up every so often. I remember asking this over 5 years ago.


Another one breaking the rules! It isn't picking on him it is following ancient custom!

i used to think it meant the person was tapping out to a cool thread cuz most of the ones that were TTTed were funny

Nice first post, KKM.

Who is KKM?



Tasmanian Top Team

touch the tit

terrible toung tetrahedrians

Thomas the Train

It means "To The Top." It's when you want to keep a thread at the top of the forum.