What does your wife / girlfriend call her vagina?

My girlfriend calls it her "cooter" in the bedroom and just uses "vagina" if she mentions it at other times. She doesn't like me to call it her pussy or cunt for some reason. I'm not crazy about saying "cooter" but hey, it's her cunt and she can ask me to call it whatever she wants, I guess.

(She's from Missouri, but not the hillbilly part. Not sure if that has something to do with it. Just sayin'...)


I've heard OP's GF refer to hers as BMF12's honey pleasure hole.

"Cookie" but to be fair she was a child (mentally)

Call it snatch, trim or roast beef. She’ll like those terms better. 

nunny or flower lol i call it the black hole of calcutta


Whereabouts in MO?

Roast Beef, I think it is because she has one of those deli ticket dipensers on her bedpost......

Cum bucket in private and around family 


Her Pinky

WhoHa or VaJayJay

Dick holster, also pakin kin

ranier wolfcastle - 



pussy or vagina

When I was married, it wasn't officially named this, but the term "off limits" was appropriate most of the time.


Vagina mostly...

Sometimes she'll use, "she"...

Vagina or box.