What EPL team should I root for?

I need a team. I used to kinda pull for (but not really) Liverpool…only did so just to talk shit to my friend who is a huge Man U fan. But they have the same ownership group as the Pittsburgh Penguins now, and as a Flyers fan, I cannot abide such a distasteful association.

So need a new team to root for.

Only requirement is the team has to be a Man U rival so I can chirp my buddy.

So OG, who should I root for?

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If this is about soccer, turn off your TV and hand in your man card.


I pretty much agree. Hence why I don’t really have a team.

But I love talking shit, and hate to go silent if the conversation switches to that Euro stuffs.


West Ham

The East Umbridge Molly Whoppers

AFC Richmond

If you want to chirp your buddy, Man City is their city rival and has been shitting on them lately and will continue to going forward. It’s a soulless oil club, but they win a lot, play exciting soccer and you can chirp your buddy.

Arsenal may be a decent alternative, young exciting team. Good, but not top tier. Should be competitive with United over the next few year.


It would have to be Man City or Leeds

Nottingham Forest

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He wants a Utd rival, but not Liverpool. So that only leaves City and Leeds.

Are Arsenal and Chelsea not Man U rivals?

Others have mentioned those to me. But I know jack and shit about EPL for the most part.

I do know Leeds not doing so well of recent, and want to at least have a competitive team but going with the money team like City when I’m already by birth a Dodgers fan seems like frontrunning.

I’d agree, but theyll more than likely be relegated next year.

I’d go with West Ham. Scrappy team with an amazing and loyal working class fan base that has been on the cusp of a breakthrough the last few seasons. Really fun team to watch

Under no circumstances can you pick United, City, Liverpoool, Chelsea, or Arsenal

Wise man once said, never take advice from a Padres fan. They are not known for good life decisions.

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