What Ever Happened To Bobby Gunn

For awhile Bobby Gunn was very vocal about bringing bare knuckle fighting to the mainstream and now that it’s here I don’t hear anything else from him. Has he had any legitimate fights lately? Is it a case of him being a big fish in a little pond and now that the pond is getting bigger the risk of losing is not worth the reward? The last I heard of him was that he wanted the winner of Artem vs Paulie but there are plenty of guys his size that would probably like to get a payday fighting him. I enjoy his fights, hopefully we’ll get to see him again in the near future.

Well, he is 46 years old.

Lol, yeah he’s getting up there but it seems not that long ago he was still talking about fighting. You would think he’d at least be more of a voice for bare knuckle fighting now that it’s gaining in popularity.

And he would still probably crush Malinaggi or Lobov. He is just too big for them. They are boxing welterweights and he is a cruiser weight. He has them both by 50 pounds.

Absolutely, far too big for either of them. I’d actually like to see him vs Leben.