What ever happened with Bobby Hoffman?

He beat some legit guys at the time and seemed to have so much potential. What happened with him?

Am he was a fucking nutcase and iirc woman-beater

He got old an retired. Had a lot of personal problems.

Good riddance Phone Post

Didn't he and Pat Militech have some issues?

HOffman was a guy with decent striking and VERY HEAVY HANDS and power and decent enough takedown defense.

ONe of those heavy punchers who got by per being tough as hell.

Had at least one major domestic violence situation apparently and had bruches with the law. might have done prison time.

He won a lot of fights.

 isnt he in jail?

 Curious too

He was a bad motherfucker, had a lot of natural gifts

Was scary when he was training properly and had head on straight, really had the potential to be one of the best in the world imo

I remember watching him fight in KOTC. Phone Post