What ever happened?

To that guy who used to post from his apartment during the lockdown in China? I think his SN was like PoiPoi or something similar. I wonder if the CoVid got him, the Chinese did away with him, he got banned or is still here posing as a liberal?

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He started talking a good amount of Pro-Chinese, Anti-US stuff and got ran off the board. IIRC


To be clear, i didnt do it


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Didn’t he move to the other forum?


His pics from China were cool.

Every one of his posts would just get 50 responses about him being a Chinese shill, even if it wasn’t the topic. It was the typical OG pile on that drive him away. He was a China shill, but it got so dumb, he couldn’t post anything without a huge dumb pile on. I’d have left too.

His reports from China were pretty interesting. I think he put on a little hookers underwear too. I remember that being kind of funny because he’s a pasty hairy blobby guy.


He’s still around sucking China dick under a different sn.

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He went dark early 2020 when China really cracked down on internet communications. I didn’t see his pro-china posts, but I appreciated his covid coverage in late 2019 and early 2020 before the crack down.

I’d actually like to see him post just to know he’s okay

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IIRC He went out with a perma ban for posting BBC

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Actually the real reason he left is because after he got gender reassignment surgery he got tired of so many OGers trying to fuck her since well….OGers love trannys, so they/them decided to bounce.

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Just wondered, his photos during the lockdown were interesting and they have started even stricter one in Shanghai, etc. I remember people giving him hell because he did support China. Was he actually Chinese or just living there?

This. He was just posting in a thread yesterday. Don’t recall the SN though noticed it was a 2019 account.

I believe he was American.