What exactly is KAPU KUAILUA?

What exactly is Kapu Kuailua? I know Mike Bitonio
claimed this was his art in WCC, but what is it really?
All I've been able to learn is that it is a Hawaiian
bone breaking art with Joint Locks.

Is it really Hawaiian or is it Japanese or brazilian
Jujitsu that a hawaiian modified?

How long has it been around? How is it different from
BJJ or JJJ or other grappling arts?

Who else practices it? Instructors? What does it really
consist of? History? Effectiveness? Legit?

Thanks in advance for serious replies!

while not a direct answer to your questions, this may be of some help...


awhile back i was going to move to kauai so i started doing some research on lua. i found a couple of articles on the net (just do a search on "Lua Hawaiian Martial Art" or something like that). the only authentic known instructor i found was Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu (www.olohe.com). i also spoke to herb kane a well known author of hawaiian culture, but even he did not have to much info on lua. it is a pretty sheltered art. also, check out some danzan-ryu ju-jutsu sites. ozaki the guy that started danzan practiced lua and incorporated it into the ju-jutsu.

I only have two links for hawaiian ma and oneis alreadyup there. The only other link I have is:


Don't know if it still works though.


There are two inst. in Hawaii I know George Pagadawan and Dr. Eli

Does anyone know anything about a guy named Kaja that teaches this? It looks really interesting and he has a few tapes out.

Great article on lua, its history and a discussion of the lua techniques to be found in Professor Okazaki's Danzan Ryu JJ. I recommend checking it out:

There was also an unpublished paper written by Donn Draeger I'm going to try and get somehow:

"Classical Hawaiian Martial Culture" (July 1977; prepared for the East-West Center in cooperation with and expressly for the Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i)


Since this is just about the sum total on Hawaiian ma out there on the web, can someone (TFS) archive this? I have a feeling this topic may come up now and again.

BTW, if anyone goes to school out there at Honolulu, they have a copy of that Draeger book/monograph. I'm going to try to get it as an interlibrary loan, but that is gong to be a pain in the ass since I'm not in school anymore, so if anyone out there would like to help out...


In response to Grundy's post up above, I believe
Kaja actually trains in Samoan Arts, which is another subject separate from Hawaiian Lua. The Samoan arts, to my very limited knowledge of them, are mainly focused on bone breaking, which is similar to Hawaiian Lua, save a few differences.

I've seen Kaja in a couple of movies, and also some of his very "bold advertisements" in Black Belt Magazine and a few other MA publications about the validity of Samoan fighting arts. He also trains in Samoan stickfighting, but I cannot remember the name of either empty handed or weapons style of Samoan fighting arts. The last time I saw or heard of Kaja, he was teaching in Carson, CA., which is a suburb of
Los Angeles. Carson is known to have a lot of Polynesian peoples, particularly Samoans and some Hawaiians, so I gather that's why he was headquartered out in Carson.