What exactly is ROSS?

I was looking into taking up Sambo (basically as an addition with BJJ) and I found out that there's a ROSS school about 20 minutes walk from my house.

I have a vague idea about what ROSS is, but can anyone give me a laymans/newbie description of ROSS, eg, what type of grapplig/striking etc is involved...


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just go along to the class and see for yourself. ROSS lends itself to any style of striking and/or grappling you already know, including BJJ for sure, and/or lets you create your own.

Then there's the LONG answer, but that's Scott's forte :-D

Is it's mystery only exceded by it's power?

ROSS is a "Performance Enhancement System" which helps you identify your personal proclivities, augmenting your strengths and marginalizing your weaknesses until such a time that you exploit them as strengths. It's not a style of martial art that you must learn, but a process of analyzing and augmenting your ability to address combat venues.

ROSS helps you deconstruct martial artsy "baggage" by continual "Aliveness" as Matt Thorton calls it in what ROSS entails as "Fluid to Dynamic drilling."

"The concept of a distinction between grappling and striking do not exist." - ROSS Maxim

"The concept of a rote technique rehearsal does not exist." - ROSS Maxim

"The concept of technical ranges do not exist." - ROSS Maxim

What school are you near, Estanmilko? Only 20 minutes stand between you and an answer. Text really lacks descriptive power since this approach has not been introduced before ROSS.


Scott Sonnon

I'm near a school in London, I'm off for a few months due to a back injury so I was looking for some info to tide me over till then. Still no layman's description?

You're 20 minutes from Richard Lancanshire's school, so go visit him and observe a class. I'm not sure what UK ROSS comprises, so it may be different than an explanation you may receive from the US ROSS tribe.

Good luck.

Yeah that's the school, I emailed him yesterday so hopefully I'll get a reply after the weekend.

RisingSon, the school is in Croydon, I don't know if they do zdorovye as I have no idea what that is either. They have class every tuesday for 1.5 hours. The FORMAUK website is where I found the info, http://www.formauk.org/clubs.html

It's not too close to the main station either, I know what you mean tho, I travel to Kensington for my BJJ.

Cass? Possibly, I think I may have met her (it is a her yes?), she trains at Gracie Barra? I'm on a sabbatical at the mo and aching to get back...

Sorry, don't know if I've met him then.

Ed, Performance Enhancement applies to "where you are" in your combative efficacy. EVERYONE has training, whether formal or informal, effective or ineffective, efficient or inefficient. ROSS begins where you are.

Zdorovye is a method of training in ROSS, not a separate adjunct of ROSS training.