What Foods Do You Ask SO to Cook?

Since my wife is a stay at home and homeschooling mom, she usually isnt big on buying me gifts that cost significant amount of money, so usually for birthday, Christmas gifts, etc, she will buy me a bunch of little stuff she knows I want or need, but I buy myself anything bigger that I want, usually include her in the process of shopping, etc.

But the main thing she insists on for holidays for me as well as the kids is that we get to choose anything we want to eat, any cakes or desserts we want, and she will make them, because form my wife’s perspective, that skill is something she uniquely brings to the table.

So for Father’s Day, I asked her to make me shrimp and grits with fluffy scrambled eggs with chopped chives and sausage links for breakfast. We found the recipe for the version from the Sea Captain’s House, which is a sort of landmark restaurant in Myrtle Beach that is know for their shrimp and grits breakfast buffet, and it came out amazing. I ate the last of it today for lunch. I find some southern food to be little more than or even less than the sum of it’s parts, but for whatever reason, shrimp and grits work for me, makes shrimp into comfort food.

For dinner, main was just some nice steaks, but I also asked for a really loaded wedge salad, and French onion soup for a starter, which was also incredible. Homemade lava cakes for dessert.

What have yall asked your wife or SO to make special for you?


Baby back ribs in that cooker thing of hers.

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Bacon and eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy.


I don’t have a wife or SO.

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Get one, so you can ask her to cook for you…

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This exactly. I don’t ask her to cook very often because she works a lot but when I do it’s almost always that exact same meal.

I like it when she bakes. I’ll mix the batter and she’ll lick the beater.


Ok I’ll try that.

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That’s my girls go to breakfast for “ holy shits”. For sure anything she cooks is “ holy crikeys”. I got good the second time around. She fucks, she cooks, she looks good.

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Sounds nice but a wierd combo gravy with eggs

Nothing I’d end up with boiled chicken with zero spice and burnt asparagus!

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Hell yeah. Over easy that way you can use your biscuit to sop up the yolk and gravy mix.

Ain’t got one, but my ex used to make me “Mexican breakfast” flour tortillas with scrambled eggs and bacon and homemade salsa. It was the bomb.

Edit found a picture, had to screenshot because stupid cunt Chinese phone doesn’t seem to want to save it.

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I have her shit in my mouth

She must be very petite.
Edit - I read sit. Carry on.

Cheesecake or Key Lime Pie.

I ask her to get out of my way so the food gets cooked correctly.

Cherry Pie Food GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski

Gallo pinto


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