What geeky things are you asking Santa for?

I'm brainstorming so I can right my letter to him.

Great thread idea!


*puts on thinking cap*

I was going to ask Santa for this, but $90 is probably going over the limit.

Time to check how much I have in my Deadpool Coin Bank.

Wow thats so cool. Best art equipment holder ive seen for sure. Phone Post

I'm a husband and father of 3. I will be lucky if Santa got me anything. But I would like this:


Warpath Statue - X-Force Warpath Website Exclusive



L5R cards

I asked for a ton of graphic novels. And for Halo 4.

I asked for a Lego Jabba's palace. Phone Post

Lego Jabbas palace is awesome it needs a Boba Fett added to it to make it perfect. I asked for All star superman new edition so far. Phone Post

phydeau - L5R cards

People still play L5R?  I've got a few decks still...somewhere....I think.

I just want an legit spandex blue and red spidey suit. I'll be buying it for myself and then wearing around Okinawa to get cosplay whores.

Long live the geekground! Phone Post

Really I would love a nice replica infinity gauntlet. And I don't mean that wack shit that marvel made for the Thor armory. I mean a Thanos gauntlet with goddamned infinity gems. Phone Post

Hopefully getting either the large Himeji Castle Nanoblock, or an 11x17 Brother A3 scanner so I can scan my comic art. The wife is good to me. Phone Post

After watching that terrible Toy Hunter show on Travel Channel I want an authentic Thundercats Mad Bubbler


I always tend to get kitchen gadgets and stuff if I get anything though so I might go for one of these.  

A Tale of Sand
Building Stories

Are some graphic novels I asked for.

I was thinking of asking my parents for Hickman's FF run but I know they'll just fuck up the issues and stuff so I think I'll just buy it myself

A working lightsaber.

Okay, now I'm just shamelessly bumping threads to get to 10,000.

Andddd one more.

I asked for a small drawing table to draw comics so its kinda geeky. Also All star superman as I love the story but dont own it. Phone Post