What genre of music is Another Brick in the Wall?

I’ve always clumped it in with all those random one off disco songs big acts did in that era. Whether the Grateful Dead, rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, even the eagles. Obviously not pure bee gees disco but heavy influence. So I randomly just googled and found a debate on ABINW. Most laughed at idea but others said yeah it’s just a slowed down disco song

So you’re a DJ and you get this single and never heard of Pink Floyd. What are you putting on label to store it properly?

Rock music.

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Space rock

I got into the Dead when I was very young and my cousin would babysit. She played shakedown street a bunch and I thought that’s what all their stuff would sound like. Had to be some serious diehards pissed when it came out…

Unlike the looser jam template the Dead executed early on, and the pioneering Americana phase they went through as the ‘60s transitioned into the ‘70s, the band were more concerned with creating concise, pop oriented melodies that emphasized rhythm as essential to the rudimentary sound. Drummer Mickey Hart played a greater role as far as the songwriting was concerned, with his name appearing on the credits of three of the ten songs. However, many Dead Heads shunned the album initially, seeing it as an attempt by the band to dive into disco, the prevalent sound that was shaking up cynics at the time.

I don’t think it’s disco because if you are a DJ and someone asks for disco and you play that, they are going to wonder what’s wrong with you.

If you want to break down elements the drum beat is a slow disco beat. I think the tempo alone takes it out of the genre. Same for the funky rhythm guitar.

The other aspects of the song are pretty typical pink floyd stuff. I’d call the song disco inspired.

How about this? Especially the chorus

Your opinion lacks merit. Pink Floyd is GOAT


I didn’t say they weren’t . I’m asking what category that one song would be in.

Psychedelic techno-rock?

GOAT at putting me to sleep.

Speaking of Shakedown… is it funk or disco? Or just a perfect blend.

Progressive rock with a dance beat.

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I’d call shakedown a disco song. Tempo is right.