What good zombie games are there?


What are your opinions?

Resident Evil dosn't count because I have a hard time classing it as 'good'.

What other games are there?

That game was unbeatable.

The Doom3 alpha is the best zombie game made yet.

There was a first person shooter zombie game that was being made by some French developer that looked really cool. I think it was no-nonsense, you were trapped in the middle of a town full of zombies and had to get out.

Looked like some neat gameplay elements, but I think it's gotten stuck in development hell and will never see the light of day.

However, with Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 coming out, maybe some enterprising people can make some killer zombie mods. I'm holding out, because a zombie FPS would be great.

Doom 3 doesn't count because it's got demons and shit.

Hunter: the Reckoning.

Zombie Revenge for the DC was good too

Blood 1 and 2. Both had horror themes and included zombies.

Did you guys like the House of the Dead series?

I bet zombies ate my neighbours.

Blood 1 and 2 were awesome... I loved shooting the robed guys and lighting them on fire. Wasn't there a voodoo doll also?