What grinds you gears OG? Me...

But not white pride

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Something us Kanadians got to deal with and accept - doesn’t necessarily grind my gears but makes my igloo melt at times…

Forrest Spliffn - 

But not white pride

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I say huh all day.  I’m deaf as hell.

Chiropractors...shouldn't be legal or at least they need to regulate this industry somehow. My current one is literally a spa. They are dangerous!

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I blame lil Jon...

WendyIDMT - 

I say huh all day.  I’m deaf as hell.

‘what’ I can understand (a little). Huh is so 1000 (we live in 2021) - Neanderthal-istic (at the time where fire was born).

To each there own…

Starting a sentence with “You do realize...”

Chillax my good OG friends. The world is extremely intense and the moron’s of the world (99.00039) can’t control. Be civilized and relax to good tunes and remember we have to post here tomorrow (CV is killing everything)…

Be safe, life is short…

When people say “conversate”.

confused the rock GIF by ALL SEEING EYES


Decades, not years, but linguistics experts knew that was the path for that word almost since its inception. FWIW, people are using it as an intensifier, not as a synonym for figuratively, which is a different game.

I highly recommend reading Kory Stamper’s The Secret Life of Dictionaries to get over the hump of shifting language. Guarantee it will relieve your dissatisfaction with misusage.

food snobbery like: “that’s not real _____(food)” and act like Crunchy Tacos or General Tso’s and Chow Mein don’t taste good…that a non-Mexican can’t cook some meat, chop some tomato/onion/cilantro and put it in a soft tortilla, or that one has to be Japanese to slice a piece of salmon and lay it on some rice and so on…

I don’t seem to observe anyone complaining about Non-Americans making a Cheeseburger

People parking their motorcycles in a parking garage all the way into the spot so you can’t tell it isn’t an open spot until you’ve already committed.