what happend to real madrid?

they have a lot of big talent but haven't won any silverware in what 3-4 years. wtf is going on with this team.

Were they the ones who were banned because the fans were hooting at the black players?


Too many superstars who don't play well together as a team. Apparently there isn't much harmony there between the Brazilians and the Spanish.

Also, too much focus on selling jerseys. They recruit exciting, offensive players without backing them up with a good defensive line. The team hasn't really been balanced since they sold Makélélé.

Off-season is spent touring Asia instead of concentrating on training.

When the team doesn't perform after expectations they sack the manager. The next coach isn't given any build up time, which further increases the instability and anxiety. After Del Bosque they've switched every year or so.

I dont think they really do have such good players. They have a few has-beens, some never-weres, and a couple of never-will-bes.