What happened after the weigh ins...


WEC 36: After the Weigh Ins  


Great pics as always Tracy.

Tracy has one of the best jobs ever. :)


how do u make money?

The only time I've ever seen a plate of normal food in front of Fabes!

Card -  ttt

WEC 36: After the Weigh Ins  

I can eat a lot...but I dont think I could finish that

Damn that plate is bigger than Faber.

zacher2005 - 
half fast - The only time I've ever seen a plate of normal food in front of Fabes!

by doing that same side profile shot while showing off her fake tits.

this comment makes absolutely no sense, no matter what way I read it...


hey tracy who is the guy with the blonde spikey hair, he was also at the fight night in omaha, ne. They looked like a band, had some HUGE black security dude with em

his name is Chip and he's not in a band... just a cool ass dude that has a lot going for him..


hmm, everyone was trying to figure out what band they were cause it was 5 skinny white dudes and this huge security guy telling people to back up and stuff. pretty funny

and thats how you think I make money?

I am a professional photoagrapher you guys...

I get hired by bands, dj's, clothing companies, and fighters to shoot...

 tracey just ignore them......their idiots.........and run away with me so we can get married.............

 fuck this made me hungry

 Zacher is still bitter that McCain lost.