what happened crocop?

1.you never came forward

2. you never through a jab,maybe not even a right hand.

3.your a good kickboxer,but have you ever done any muay thai,becasue you got murdered in the clench,couldnt defend the plumb an ate knees all day.

4.why on earth would you just back up and load the straight left and and the big left kick.no combos no set ups.

does this really bother anyone else?

ps change camps,so you wont just coast and train with inferior guys an trainers that dont push you.


I know man. He just fights way too passive these days. The only thing he puts power behind is that wild LHK

I saw a quote from another thread where he stated a few things he felt were effecting his performance. Hes just not hungry anymore.

Hes definitely one of my favorites of all time and his loss stung a little.

I think he feels its time to hang the gloves up. If thats his mentality, im thinking the same.

war crocop


No heart....