What happened to all the Roe v Wade rage?

Don’t you realize that there is a war going on now with Russia and we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that has killed millions!?
We’re still trying to get people vaxxed and boosted.

Trannies were made fun of by a comedian somewhere in the world so the flock of blubber blobs are off fighting that injustice!

Roe vs Wade got fucked in the ass by monkeypox.

Things will pop off again when the decision is formally released this summer.

The draft “leak” was just a way to prime the protest pumps and get formal planning in place for the big events.

It will be another summer of “mostly peaceful” protests now that the pandemic is over. Though I suspect a lot of the "protesters’ will still be wearing masks…


Poor people can’t afford to go out and get knocked up in order to have abortions anymore


If all the bullshit about elon and twitter is true, and they culled the bots to a degree, then dont expect the same amount of astroturfing weve seen in the past.

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Many here feel the same way about you.

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It didn’t shift the polls like the media wanted it too, so why waste time on it? They’re putting all their eggs in the jan 6 basket.

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They were gassed from all the exertion of protesting. gotta rest and have some of ma’s home cookin to regain strength.