What happened to "Catch" thread?

it was called EVER HEAR OF CATCH WRESTLING; i know it didn't time out.

Someone fucking deleted it. A 250 post thread doesn't need to be deleted.

ttt.....bring back the thread....it was great

Not sure what triggered the deletion, it was heated, but certainly nowhere near the most inflamatory thread that has been left alive on this forum.



it got caught...

The thread nearly caught itself in a double-top wrist lock, but quickly used a headscissor to get off its back and out of trouble. It then secured a stopper toe hold on itself, but after great controversy as to whether it was using a "hook", a "pain compliance hold", or an "ineffective show hold", it tapped out in frustration and deleted itself.

tony Cecchine took it down courtesy "step over toe hold " lock.


I think it knew too much.

lol @ taking that thread down after being up for a week.