What Happened To Chael Sonnen?

Has anyone ever improved so much after 25-30 fights?

Is this really the same guy who got trounced by Jeremy Horn THREE times? The same guy who got pounded out by Terry Martin? The same guy who Babalu highlight realed twice?

I always thought, with his outstanding wrestling background and athleticism, he had the tools to be great. But, it seemed like he was just never going to put it all together.

The guy has looked great recently, and now I think he's an interesting match-up for Anderson Silva. Good for Chael (even though he's a tool.)

Wasn't he fighting part time? Real estate used to be is main concern.

I was thinking that myself. I mean fighters mature and getter better. Thinking of how improved guys like Kos and Rashad are but Chael was a seasoned vet 3 years ago and now hes that much better? Doesn't much add up but his blanketing style is fun to watch.

Marquardt also managed to drop a decision to Leites

just saying.

CRE - Ever since Chael has been cornered by his boxing coach been some great results, not sure if he has always had that boxing coach, but the black man who corners Chael Sonnen seems to be a big factor here.

lol, genius stuff as usual cretard. It takes a great boxing coach to constantly be looking for the takedown and dry hump.

The answer is matchups imo.

theHak - highlight REEL

Sorry for being an asshole.

LOL. You're right. I remember when I typed it, it didn't look quite right.

When MMA fighters are able to get 40 or so amateur and 10+ pro fights before being on the main card the sport will be on another level.

His mental game has developed a lot rather recently, according the Lindland.

This seems to be true. Chael apparently didn't have as much toughness to persevere a while ago and would be prone to getting tapped. Now, he seems to have turned a corner and he is just an animal in there.

It seems like everything is coming together for him. Very cool to see and extraordinarily rare for such a seasoned veteran.