What happened to Christian Allen?

I have not heard of Duane's sttudent Chrstian Allen fighitng for a while. I have been interested in seeing hjim fight someday on TV since I saw him on Tapout show's first seson when Donlad Cowboy was featured.

Anyone know he is still active?

no one knows???

 I will let him know that people are asking about him! 

will return to action at ROF in December!!

TTT for Christian RELENTLESS Allen



 sven or anybody else-  do you know what ever happened to brett shafer from ft c (trained with the akumu guys)?  he was a good friend of mine before i moved to europe and i have not heard of him fighting in awhile.

CA was always exciting in the ROF's I've seen him in. No matter what, he comes in and keeps a crazy pace.