What happened to Dean Malenko?

And did he throw his remote through his TV screen at the end of Wrestlemania?


I think he still runs a school around the Tampa, Florida area

Was he injured or what, though? WHy is he gone? WWE just release him? Fill me in.

He works in the back grooming young talent I believe. He is only retired from active wrestling...I think

Why did he retire?

He had some injury problems but, imo, the main reason was that his style wasn't "High Flying" enough for what the WWE saw for cruiserweights. He is too small for heavyweights and not flashy enough for cruiserweights.

I always liked him though.

Either way, he was probaly having some strong mixed feelings of happiness and envy at the end of Wrestlemania.

In ECW, he was a technical MASTER. I liked his WCW 1,000 moves gimmick where'd he'd use a different move each week to finish his opponent instead of just staying with one.

I think he's basically happy for Chris and Eddie, though.

No doubt about that, but wouldn't you want that moment?

as cool as malenko is/was, he never had the ability to be top of the card in any promotion.

f u he was the f'n man....why they never did a "shoot" gimmick with him i'll never know....

He was kinda boring.

"the main reason was that his style wasn't "High Flying" enough for what the WWE saw for cruiserweights."

What sucks big balls though is that the cruiserweights don't even get to be high flyers in the WWE.
They are being forced to wrestle as heavyweights,oh so exciting.(you can literally smell the sarcasm)

"He was kinda boring."

There is an old saying that you look as good as your opponent lets you.
This is why someone like Goldberg sucks.
I loved every one of Dean's matches in WCW,even the ones that I've been able to see in ECW.
This all revolves around a simple fact,when good wrestlers are paired against good wrestlers,they put on good,and great matches.

Dean had a great entertaining style though.
Well,it was entertaining to anyone who can't stand three minute matches.

I think EDDIE and REY MYSTERIO worked very well together. They flowed.




Well, who woulda thought Benoit woulda got pushed?

borus malenko.lol that was funny in wcw

He was "The Shooter" Dean Malenko in ECW, correct?

Thanks again floppy,for posting my text.

Malenko still rules.