What happened to Fisher vs Florian

I see in the rumors section of MMAWeekly that they have Spencer fighting on the UFN show in January and Kenny fighting in March.  I thought that these 2 were going to fight eachother.  Whats with this?

ttt for info

ttt for info for both of us

That would be a great fight.

What you say?

Oops.. I edited it. My brain is on slow mode tonight.

That was just speculation.

Damn, I thought you meant Bobby Fischer.

Bobby by "horsey takes prawn" 2:10 round 1.

Fisher was at Knoxville BJJ for a few minutes today. He was just stopping by with an old friend of ours and may be back. If he comes in tommorrow I'll ask him.

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None of you guys at Knoxville BJJ wanted to train with Karo or Jeremy Williams in Asheville N.C. this weekend?

ujointclothing: This is Christmas weekend. We have famlies. Not sure where your post is coming from.

Anyway, my friend who trains at Militech's came in today and said Fisher's next fight would be a UFC in January againat Hermes(Sp?). He seemed about 75% sure so don't slam me if you find out different.