What happened to great songs accompanying movies

Yeah, god forbid badass awesome songs would be played.

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invincible- Legend of Billy Jean

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I’ve always said that if one decade had to be wiped off the music map from my lifetime (which begins with the 70’s), I would choose the 80’s. I must admit however, I may actually be softening in my opinion on 80’s music. I watched Rock Star with Markie Mark ocer the holidays and that big hair metal from the 80’s actually sounded pretty damn good for the first time since… the 80’s. Also, some shit came on the radio recently, like Tainted Love or the Fine Young Cannibals or something, and I found myself getting into it while cruising down the hwy.

So while I still like to bag on the 80’s music scene, I am more conflicted about it now.

I’m alright - CaddyShack
Holiday road - Vacation

Blaze or Glory - Young Guns 2

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Shocker… the entire album wrote for the movie, and both were pretty badass IMO.

And gotta mention to Megadeth’s Angry Again for the Last Action Hero movie.


Thats a great one

It got replaced by a bunch of Sia songs and shitty Massive Attack rip offs with bad dubstep breaks and shitty knockoff Godspeed You Black Emperor “TOTALLY EPIC” sounding garbage.

We are in a creativity crisis that is the result of everyone staring at cell phones every free moment of their existence. The mind now has zero free time to be creative. This has crushed creative thought. Creativity is at a new low point across the board. Movies, music, automobile design, art, etc. original ideas no longer exist.

Look at the movies listed in this thread from the past. Almost all are original ideas. Look at the movies today. How many new movies are remakes, reboots, or the same superhero movies or old comics. They can’t think of any new ideas.

The music industry is the lamest it’s been since before rock and roll was invented in the 50’s. I can’t think of one new band who makes great music. I can’t even really name one new band. Look at how lame music awards are these days.

Look at the auto industry. We have excellent power and gas mileage but the cars are boring as shit. The only interesting cars are retro cars. We can’t even think of anything new anymore.