What happened to HELWIG and Pumpkin Spice Lazarus?

Those two use to post all the time…especially that overzealous PSL…where’d they go?

Not sure about psl, but I heard Helwig went to an extended stay at one of those Pray the Gay Away camps


They should have both gone



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PSL is for sure using one of his other alt troll accounts.


He’s using his Sniffy moniker tonight.

Psl is a notorious multi alt accounter. He regualry forgets to log out and agrees with himself.


Pretty sure HELWIG got locked up for storming the Capitol building.


A few weeks ago PSL, unbeknownst to him, walked past a mirror as he was stating a claim. Being the true contrarian that he is he stayed and argued his reflection, in fact he is still there. Once he is finished making fun of his opponent’s ladylike breasts and lack of any noticeable bulge he will be back to join us.


I just wish the guys using alts would come clean about it. I know there are guys that use them that hate me but act friendly on other accounts to me. That shit is weird. It is funny to mess around with burners unless you are doing it for years and pretending like you aren’t doing it. Some of these guys think they are slick about it but I know exactly which guys are using which accounts in most circumstances. Text patterns, common phrases, ect. You aren’t fooling anyone that pays attention to it. If they would just be honest about it we can laugh about the fuckery.


They both left about the same time steve did.

You ever think about getting help for your obsession with odd things?

They’re probably still here but in a different name.

i was a lurker here for about 8 months and came and read these forums a lot. You could tell that there’s people here that switch in and out of different accounts… because the person still types and acts the same.

Where’s that faggot Josh that used to post on here? He reminded me of some other person who posted here.

PSL was always trying to impress everyone by sounding like he swallowed a fucking thesaurus. I think he finally choked on it.

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@Cotton , my other sn is @Mountain_Medic and @Black_Dougie.

Now you know the truth.

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My other screenname is @suckmydick and

I don’t think Helwig has been around since the election.

black dougie is a fag

They eloped and are living happily in San Francisco.

Accusing people of alts is hilarious.

“Theres no way there can be 10 liberals on the OG. its only 3 with multiple accounts”